CH. Heronviews Dirty Dancer -Sadie

Heronview Dirty Dancer - Sadie

Sadie is a beautiful female. She has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to play. Sadie loves children and  can hardly contain herself from licking them when she sees Kids .

Sadie is my shadow and  you can always find me when you see her. Sadie is a daughter of our Hannah (Ch. Duvasgardens Hopeful Henrietta and Bogie. ( Ch. Kahulalions Braveheart )

Sadie was at her second Show on June 1 2008 and she went BOB . We were very happy as her dad passed away on May 17th 2008. It was so special to have her win. Even if she never wins  again ( I am sure she will ) This one meant a lot.

Sadie has continued to do well in the few shows she has been in. Sadie has taken 3 BOB and was winners bitch at our biggest Leo show in Orono this summer. Her 2 year old son was BOB at that show

Sadie had a lovely litter November 4 2008. We kept a girl from that litter who is wonderful see her info below

The other 5 pups are in amazing homes and I feel our family has grown with the new members

Davida Vom Lowengarten - Heidi


Heidi is the baby in our family. She was born Feburary 4th 2007. Heidi came from Rahel Schael at Kennel Vom Lowengarten in Hamburg Germany. Click on

Heidi is such a beautiful big young girl. She has such a sense of humor and loves everything and everyone. What Heidi loves most if water. From the day we brought her home she has gotten in everything she can find that holds water. She puts both fromt feet in the water pails and  dunks her head up to her eyes to take a drink.

Heidi thinks that everything loves her as much as she loves them. She can be found in the field giving  the miniature donkeys licks and trying to wash their ears.

Heidi is having a promising show career also. Hard to keep her dry and clean enough to show though :-) Heidi does find the challenge of running around the ring a bit much though. She acts like we are taking her to the end of the earth.  She is such a funny comical girl.

Heronview's Best of Brooklin- Savannah

 Savannah is a daughter of Hannah and Pride Rocks Athos of Angus -Athos.  She is the comedian of the family. She loves to bring toys and shake them as you make a big fuss over them.She talks and her tails goes in circles like a helecopter. You can find Savannah curled up with one of my boys. Savannah loves swimming and going to the boat in the summer. Nothing makes her happier then to spend the day at the beach and the night snuggled with one of the kids. 

Savannah will let the other dogs go off and play with a visiting pooch so that she can have all the attention from the humans :-).   

Savannah is a beautiful Leo but she hates being at dog shows. She just never liked showing so we dont make her show. We will not breed Savannah as her father has a genetic disease that we do not know the mode of inheritance. We take the breeding of our dogs seriously and health and temperment are a big priority with us.

Savannah is our beautiful pet leo and a valued member of our family. As are our other Leos.  When you come and visit us you will have our gentle loving Savannah leaning on you and keeping you here by sitting on your feet

Skjaergaardens Halloween Dark Brew  (Kramer) DOB October 31, 2008

Kramer is our newest little boy. After we lost Bogie we really missed having a boy in the house.  Kramer really suits his name. He is just a big goof ball. Kramer comes from Skjaergaarden Kennels in Norway.  I have always loved Tone's dogs and waited a long time for this boy. 

Kramer makes me laugh everyday. He is very sweet and ful of fun. He is a very big boy and at 4 months old he is 76.5 lbs.

Fast forward to October and 11 months old. Kramer has grown and grown and grown. He is now 150lbs. Kramer is so sweet and loved by all who meet him. He gets along with everyone and evrything. Ok one draw back to this boy. He loves to be dirty. Always laying in the mud and if no mud just dumps a water pail and gets good and dirty.

 Kramer has had a good time in the ring this year. He has won a few puppy classes and was Best pup in breed at our largest show this summer.

2010 - Kramer has been doing well in the show ring. He has taken 2 BOB in the 4 shows he has been at this year.  The other 2 shows he was beat by Emma and once by Darcy Sadie's son.  

Kramer is a very large male. At 19 months of age he is 169lbs and 32 inches tall. He is solid and well put together. He looks like a big lard ass which is his nick name but he moves so lightly and can glide across the ground. It is one thing to be big but important to be able to move properly.  He has the sweetest temperament and loves everyone .


Mamma og Pappa

Diego and Nee Mee Kramers parents

Ch  Heronviews Exotic Dancer (Emma)

Emma is Sadies daughter by the beautiful male Monty. We had 6 beautiful babies and when I do finish my updates will have a lot of pictures of each of them.  Emma has done well showing so far this year. At her first show in June when she was only 6 months she went BOB. There were 8 leos entered in that show. Including a Champion male. So not to bad :-)  She won best female pup at our big Leo show in July and was beat for best female by her mom . Then in July she went BOB again.

 Emma loves to play and really loves to swim and will actually retrieve sticks from the lake. She is everything I could want in a leo. Beautiful , big , sweet and just a lovely easy going dog to live with.

On June 13th Emma was BOS at our Booster in Orono. We had 12 Leos entered. Emma's 1/2 brother Darcy was BOB

So our sweet Emma won her Championship at this show also. She is such a sweetie.


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